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A shadow boy is trapped within a blank book. When he tries to cut himself free he falls teetering into a mysterious paper world. Determined to escape he sets off in chase after a Tool, a bird like character on a unicycle. Armed only with a pair of scissors the shadow boy discovers he has a miraculous power to create or destroy; when he cuts out paper shapes they jump come to life and become either his friends or enemies.

The world or The Paper Tale is beautifully crafted using hand-drawn and 3D digital techniques. It is designed to create a sense of wonder and rapture in both the adult and the child.

In The Paper Tale we are face to face with a boy who is a shadow of his real self. Trapped in a frozen gesture he could be the imprint from a stamp that may have made many copies just like him. His future could be to gather dust like so many other forgotten images in books; yet something stirs within and he conceives a unique thought. The first cause, the first act is the discovery of the scissors. Quickly, he cuts himself free and springs into a paper-thin life of his own volition. Freedom, alas, comes at a price and rather than extracting himself from his fate he is buried deeper, entering a fantastical paper world.
Armed with the scissors our protagonist naively discovers he has incredible power. In a few snips he can cut through walls and in a few more he can release other images from their 2D confines. They are truly double-edged scissors as they can create wondrous entities as much as they can lead to terror and destruction. Soon he is surrounded by swarm of new friends he kindly denotes as the ’chuckleheads’. They are 2D cut-and-paste genetic mutations of montage and can wield a bit of creative power themselves. One by the name of ’Miss RearViewCube’ discovers a pencil and creates an enormous sketch which, once drawn, engulfs them all, coming to life as the very 3D ‘Blobby-Eyed Blimp’.

This first introductory episodes ends with the yet-to-be named shadow boy and his newly born creations falling in to the megalithic drawing of the blimp, now very large and very 3D. The adventures ahead are yet unknown, but there is sure to be trouble. We began in white and have descended into black so who can tell what will have transformed when the light is returned to our characters again. This episode is a revelation of the paper world and some of its central characters and hopes to leave the viewers hanging on the edge for more.

Year: 2010
Format: CG Animation HD720
Dur: 04:55:15min
A Wolf Lane Studio Production
Director: Sohan Ariel Hayes
Script: Sohan Ariel Hayes, Poppy van Oorde-Grainger & Steven Aiton Animation: Steven Aiton
Additional Animation: Sohan Ariel Hayes, Ben Hammersley, Andi Putra Ng Design: Sohan Ariel Hayes and Poppy van Oorde-Grainger
Character Setup Artist: Guy Pendergrast
Modeling: Sohan Ariel Hayes & Guy Pendergrast
Technical Direction/Rendering/Editing & Compositing: Sohan Ariel Hayes Motion Capture: Beyond Motion
Physical performance for Motion Capture: Sohan Ariel Hayes
Sound Design & Music: Roly Skender
Additional Sound Design: Richard Mahony
Audio Mastering: Toad Hall Studio
Produced with the assistance of the Film and Television Institute (WA)inc. Produced with the assistance of Nickelodeon Australia