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Opening Event Perth Festival 2016

Director: Nigel Jamieson
Associate Director:Richard Walley OAM
Artistic Associate and Designer: Zoe Atkinson
Content Director and lead Media Artist: Sohan Ariel Hayes
Musical Director: Iain Grandage
Musical Director: Lucky Oceans
Musical Director: Wayne Freer
Sound Designer: Kingsley Reeve
Lighting Designe: Matthew Marshall
Choreographer: Shane McCarthy
Producer: Olivia Ansell
Assistant Producer: Louisa Pestell
Indigenous Coordinator: Shakara Walley
Indigenous Consultant: Brenda Hill

Featuring: Wadumbah, Middar & Kwarbah Djookian (Welcome to Country Dance Groups) • Sharyn Egan • The Drones • Western Australian Youth Orchestra • The Waifs • Grace Barbé • Tara Tiba • Lucky Oceans & Vicky Ramakrishnan • Ernie Dingo with the House Band and Swing It Dancers • Robert Drewe • Dave Warner • The Panics • Shaun Tan • Josie Boyle • The Pigram Brothers • The Triffids • Kim Scott • Tim Minchin

Production: Technical Director: Drew Dymond • Production Manager Audio: Guy Smith • Stage Manager: Anna Kosky • Deputy Stage Manager: Sue Fenty • Rock and Roll Stage Manager: Leon Kneebone • ASMs: Georgia Landre-Ord & Claudia Blagaich • FOH Band Mixer: James Newhouse • Sound System Engineer: Guto Monteiro

Recording: Camera & Edit: Deborah May • Camera: Peter Liacopoulos • Sound: Guy Smith